Peter Bindner invented The Longest Beach Dinner Event

Peter Bindner is inventor and entrepreneur of all kinds of ideas and events

From idea to the finished product or event, Peter Bindner makes it happen!

Peter says "The idea is just the 1%. It takes 99% to realize it”.

Another of his favorite sayings: “Take your hands out of your pocket and bring your ideas to life. That’s much more fun."

The Longest Beach Dinner

Inventor Peter Bindner helped families during COVID19. Families who had been separated due to restrictions could now safely spend time together at "The Longest Beach Dinner in the World". This was a seven-kilometer COVID-19-safe dinner event held in Denmark. There were more than 2,000 people on the waiting list for this beautiful free event. This video gives you goosebumps. It is a beautiful and breathtaking testament to Inventor Peter Bindner’s longest beach dinner – launched under difficult conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BalanceBomBom will be launched 2024

Peter Bindner invented BalanceBomBom to improve the balance of people all over the world. The invention takes a common issue and supplies a natural, unique and easy-to-use solution.

With his team, Peter dreams that BalanceBomBom will bring balance back to the world. His dream – Peter designed BalanceBomBom to help people to retrain their balancing skills and prevent unnecessary falls. This innovative product can change the lives of adolescents, adults and seniors across the globe. BalanceBomBom – an invention specially designed to boost balance. BalanceBomBom will be launched in 2024.

Green Balloon Trees Event

Idea developer and organizer Peter Bindner "As humans, we must not only take from nature, but also take care of it." This event took place in the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen on 5 June 1991.

30,000 green, eco-friendly balloons were used to build a green balloon forest in the middle of the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen. Three hundred green eco-friendly balloons containing the seeds of Danish trees were launched to demonstrate that humanity must add to nature and not just take from it.

I thank TV weathercaster Henrik Voldborg, animal friend and TV host Poul Thomsen and TV personality Line Baun Danielsen for their green speeches. And I wish to thank the Rainforest Group Nepenthes, which fights to preserve the rainforest in South America. I also wish to thank all our partners and sponsors.

There was free admission to this event. We thank you, the public, for your overwhelming support on this beautiful day.

Peter Bindner says, "The idea took shape over some years.

Midsummer bonfire on DVD – SOLD OUT

Peter Bindner says, "The idea took shape over some years: I found that it very often rains on Saint John’s Eve, a strong tradition, where Danes light bonfires to celebrate midsummer. We faced the same problem every year: what do we do on Saint John’s Eve? What about the bonfire? Everything depended on the weather. At the same time, there were other people in Denmark who did not have access to a bonfire, including those who live in urban apartments.

“You always had to decide who would collect wood for the bonfire and who would clean up afterwards," says Peter Bindner. "I came up with this great idea, a very simple solution.”

“I have a cottage and a field. I went out there and built myself a large midsummer bonfire and recorded it on my video camera. Then I got permission to use the original "Midsummer Song" by Aksel Schiøtz.

The Midsummer Bonfire DVD was a reality,” says Peter Bindner. "Actually, it never crossed my mind that a drought might cancel our midsummer bonfires in Denmark. This was the case in 2018, a record-breaking long, dry summer. Every year since then, we have sold many thousands of copies. This year, sales exploded. The Midsummer Bonfire DVD was totally sold out by Thursday night," states Peter Bindner. "If the weather is good, I still prefer a real bonfire with the atmosphere, which is always fantastic. It’s a beautiful Danish tradition. With the DVD, people all over Denmark can experience this tradition in their own living room," concludes Peter Bindner.

The Phonebook Support

Peter Bindner invented and patented a supportive cover for phone books named "The Phonebook Support". Later he sold the patent to a very large telephone company in 1992. Then Peter turned his attention to other formidable inventions.

Peter Bindner invented Easy Ashtray. You keep Easy Ashtray in your pocket or ba.

Easy Ashtray avoid cigarette butts in the wild

Peter Bindner was annoyed by all the cigarette butts floating around in the natural environment, on streets and in alleys.

Peter Bindner invented Easy Ashtray. You keep Easy Ashtray in your pocket or bag. The seal shuts off oxygen so that nothing burns in your pocket and there is no smell of smoke. Easy Ashtray can hold up to 10 cigarette butts. It is a disposable ashtray made from recycled materials. It is very easy to open and close. You just pop this compact product into any ordinary jacket pocket or small bag.

Snorehammer - Sleep Well!

What is a SNORE HAMMER? SNORE HAMMER was inspired by a myriad of stories from all corners of the world - some very serious, others simply funny - about sharing a room with or living close to someone who snores.

SNORE HAMMER is invented by Peter Bindner. It is made of soft foam. It is portable, compact and light as a feather! SNORE HAMMER can be used all over the world and has an international language, everyone can use it and you can develop your own techniques - sleep well!

A fun book Peter Bindner wrote.

“Håndværker Allergi”, a funny Danish book (translates “Allergic to workmen”)

“Håndværker Allergi” is a fun book Peter Bindner wrote about the challenge of having artisans working at your home. The book also contains other people's various funny episodes and crazy experiences with craftsmen. When you tried it yourself just once, you never forget it. “Håndværker Allergi” caught on. The book was a huge success and was completely sold out.

Peter Bindner developed a very special bed.

The Secret bed - a real James Bond gadget

Peter Bindner developed a very special bed, a secret bed that looks like a good old fashioned English bookshelf, complete with antique books. Just a click of a remote control and the bed rolls down ready for bedtime - just like a gadget in a James Bond movie. Peter has this amazing bed in his own home. It will be launched commercially in 2024.

The words

“When I invent a product, the idea itself is just the 1%. The remaining 99% is bringing my idea to life.”

Peter Bindner, Inventor

From idea to the finished product, Peter Bindner makes it happen!

Inventor Peter Bindner

From idea to the finished product, Peter Bindner makes it happen! Peter Bindner is the inventor and entrepreneur of a huge and varied catalog of exciting and successful inventions over more than 30 years.


From idea to the finished product, Peter Bindner makes it happen.

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